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Find planning applications

You can use this system to find details of planning applications that have been submitted to the council. There are a number of ways that you can search for applications.

Commenting on applications

Before planning applications are considered by the council, members of the public and other interested parties are invited to send us their comments on the application. You can do this online using this website, by email, or by post. The deadline for comments to be received will be shown on the application details page on this website.

Commenting online

To send your comments to us using this website, please search for the planning application that you want to comment on and read the application details (notes, plans and documents).

Applications are published on this website with a deadline date for comments.

If the application is open for comment, send us your comments by clicking on the 'comment on this application link' on the application details page.

Please include the planning application reference number and your postal address. We cannot consider comments that are anonymous or that do not include your address.

Will my comments be made public?

If you comment in writing on a planning application, letters will be scanned and published on our website so that you can view the details. All letters are placed on the file and are open to public inspection under the terms of the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985.

The representations and comments that we publish on the website are the views of the consultees and members of the public who make them and not the views of the council. We make all decisions on the application in line with established procedures and after careful scrutiny.

Please make sure that you only provide information: including your personal information, you are happy for other people to view. If you supply other people's personal information, please make that you have their permission. We do not edit consultation responses unless there is a very special case to do so that is considered to be in the public interest.

Comments should not be of a discriminatory, defamatory or libellous nature. Any comments received like this will not be considered.

What will be considered?

The key point to remember is that you can only comment on 'material considerations' that affect the application. These include things like;

  • Government Guidance, Planning Policy Guidance and Statements
  • History - previous decisions, particularly appeals
  • Comments from consultees
  • Amenity e.g. privacy, sunlight, daylight, noise and smell
  • Highway safety
  • Nature, archaeology conservation and landscape
  • Impact upon adjacent land use
  • Design
  • Human Rights Act
  • And many others

What won't be considered?

We will not consider matters that are not material or relevant to the application as these are outside the boundaries of the planning process and are regarded more as civil matters between parties. These include things like;

  • Loss of value
  • Loss of view
  • Viability, including matters such as party walls and structures
  • Private rights (access)
  • A change from a previous scheme
  • Moral issues
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Land ownership
  • Competition
  • The development has already taken place prior to an application being submitted